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Katni Marble

Katni marble, Makrana marble, and Dungri Marble are the most common types of Marble. They add beauty to the flooring and are very famous products in the Marble market. These types of marbles are in heavy demand by customers from all over the world for their unique qualities like heat resistance and stylish appearance.
For those looking to add the best marble flooring, we would suggest you go for Katni marble, Wonder white marble, Banswara marble, and Onyx Indian marble.
Bhandari marble group’s Katni marble available in various sizes and other sizes can also be made available as per the customer.
The price range of Katni Marble at Bhandari Marble Group starts from 40 Rs. per sq. feet and goes up to 75 Rs. per sq. feet.
For further details, please drop us your email id and our team will send you the complete details regarding price, photos and possible flooring designs of those particular stones.
The price of Katni Marble also depends on its quality and sizes. If you purchase Katni marble tiles, then those can be found at a much cheaper price of Rs. 20 per sq. ft.

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