Kishangarh is not only popular for high quality marbles but also many other natural stones. The best quality of any natural stone can be sourced from Kishangarh. Bhandari Marble Group is one of the very few natural stone manufacturers and traders that offer it all under one roof. All you need to do is contact our staff today on the details provided on our website and get free consultancy and marvellous products.

Natural building stones are the best for any kind of projects because not only do they add immense beauty and grace to a space but the compositional and physical properties are the most favourable. A few such traits that make natural stone more desirable than artificial building stones are:


    Natural stones are undoubtedly the prettiest building stones. The kind of beauty and elegance that these stones can add to a living or working space is simply out of this world. Natural stones bring to a place such beauty that is the most soothing to the eyes and yet very distinct and eye-catching.

  2. AURA

    Natural stones are also known for their healing properties and aura cleansing abilities. Natural stones like quartz, white marble, etc. have found a special place in modern spirituality. Natural stones are believed to heal and protect and are thus carried by believers at all times. What better way to make optimum use of this positive energy that comes directly from the earth’s womb than to incorporate these natural stones in your commercial or residential spaces.


    Natural stones are also very versatile. They can be used in a number of ways and are very easy to incorporate in a project. From the bathroom floor to the kitchen counter, there is nothing more ideal than natural stone in terms of installation, strength, durability or appearance.


    Natural stones are very durable and possess the greatest strength among building stones. Natural stones last for years and even with little care, their beauty can be maintained for decades. Natural stones are very sturdy and do not take damage or wear easily.


    Natural stones are not only beneficial for us in all aspects but are also beneficial for the environment. The manufacturing of such stones does not involve use of artificial chemicals that harm the environment. They are sustainable which saves the environment from long term damage. When you choose natural stones for your project, you also say yes to environmental protection.